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I am Sharon VanderBoon the photographer of the images displayed
on this web site. I extend to you a warm welcome
and thank you for visiting!





    A little over twenty years ago I became serious about photography after I took a pleasure trip to New Zealand. There was a young man on the trip, a good photographer, who put together slide shows of his many travels. After the trip, when I had the opportunity to see his slide show of New Zealand, I decided I could do that too. So I began a hobby that ended up becoming my employment years later.

    I diligently studied all the information I could find about how to properly put together slide presentations and then decided to join what is now River City Camera Club. Since that time, besides learning from the wonderful photographers in the club, I have attended countless seminars and workshops to hone my photographic skills. I continue to do those same things to this day.

  Photography is not where I started

   I am, by original trade, a nurse. I entered the full-time work force as a Licensed Practical Nurse when I was 19 years old.  Ten years later I became a Registered Nurse and then continued that occupation for eighteen years until 1996. At that time I was forced to end my career as a surgical nurse when I developed severe sensitivities to the chemicals I was working in and around. The affliction is known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

   After about six years of  “forced survival training” in how to deal with my MCS ( literally learning how to stay alive) I decided to begin a business selling my photographs in the form of quality photo cards, which is what this site is mainly designed for.

    I soon added various sizes of mounted and matted images, custom postcards, slide shows of my travels, marketing and promotional images for print publications and web site use, and freelance work.

   When I began photography as my hobby I found myself drawn to shooting mostly nature and lighthouses and subsequently developed what I consider to be my true area of expertise– the outdoors.

However, when I began my business, I found I needed to expand my subject categories and I now shoot nearly everything - including civic events, festivals, street scenes, and local points of interest - almost always using only natural light in order to truly capture the subject and the moment. 

I hope you will take your time, enjoy the site,
and contact me to buy some cards!

Thank you,





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